Hayley Thompson-King, Vapors of Morphine, Charlie Chesterman, Rick Berlin & the Nickel & Dime Band, Florent Sivell, Kris Delmhorst, Starboard Silent Side, Mittens, Scruffy the Cat, Lud, Bow Thayer & the Perfect Train Wreck, Willard Grant Conspiracy, Demon Eye, Brad San Martin, Fan Modine,  The Wobblies, Baby Ray, My Own Worst Enemy, The Weisstronauts, Orange Nichole, Jamie Edwards, Mount Peru, freelance engineer Justin Pizzoferrato, Cornelius Eady, Roadhead, Sool, What The Film, Feral Conservatives, The Self Righteous Brothers, Don Lennon, The Timbre Project, Jelly Roll Mortals, freelance engineer Matt Jugenheimer, The Cold Expectations, Whistle Jacket, Psycho X, Womanizer, Guillermo Sexo, Sunburned Hand Of The Man, 6 Foot 6, Lisa Liu/Las Lanas, Mammoth Hunter, The 9th Wave, House Blend, Acrylic Tide, Car Crash Show, Wackadoo, Used Alien Mind, The Splendid Nobodies, The Quahaugs, Davey Davis (aka Brown Trout), Baby Names, The Bluegrass Boys, Bog, Jeremy "Moses" Curtis, Lucky 57, The Bamboo Steamers, Magic 12, Left Of Eden, Sean Aylward, Doom Buggies, Dennis Crommett, Jacques Thibodeau, Andy Menudo, Ramona Silver, Billy Conway, Orb Mellon, Ken Cormier, Steve Mayone, Kirk McIntosh, Jay Mobley, Poverty Line, Breakers, Jimmy Fox, Jeff Mellin, Doug Yule, Who Shot Hollywood, Soggy Po Boys, Alex McKenzie, Glass House, The Flying Ants, John Haydon, Temper, Hope Roth, Hayseed Chrome, Ken Schopf, Drive By Wire, Harris, Jeffrey Foucault, Hush Arbors, Tokyo Tramps, Brian Webb, One Happy Island, Kingtone, Kevin Dunn, Shannon Halbrook, Banana Phonetic, Pale Cowboy, Inside the Avalanche, Dynamite Brothers, Nathan Oliver, Chris Barrett, The Cush, Nazzcar Rain Delay, Sarah Greene, Sin Quirin, World's Greatest Dad, Logan 5 & the Runners, Urkas, The Original Cowards, Kingsley Flood, Release The Hounds, Yankee Power, Bob Kendall, Mark O'Connor, Jeffrey Simmons, I Love You, GMP Band, Gina Alibrio, Emily White, Eddie Japan, Mike Germaine, Parashi, The Bluebird Orchestra, Magnetic Island, Danger Thieves, Weird Owl, Sore Eros, The Texas Governor, Psylab, The Days Weight, JJ & Thee Cuban Heels, Erik Alan, Ben Carr, Walking Ghosts, River City Rebels, Fossils From the Sun, Xanthocephalus, The Dead Monkeys, Ray Mason Band, Urkas, Red Dog.