Verdant, as in "surrounded by an abundance of lush greenery." Opened by Pete Weiss in the fall of 2004, the retreat-style studio has been hosting a steady stream of high quality, eclectic artists.  The recording space was designed by award-winning architectural firm Single Speed Design (operated by Jinhee Park and the Hong brothers, John and Andy.) The space co-exists with its surroundings beautifully. It's an incredibly pleasant place in which to make music. The  studio's main room is an open-concept space which combines the control room "area" with the live room "area" and is roughly 40 x 25 feet with pitched ceilings as high as 18 feet. The floors are brick-red dyed concrete with radiant floor heating, while the walls and ceilings are local pine and hemlock. The room is especially conducive to tracking with a "natural" feel. The engineer and artist are in the same space; there's no talkback mic, no glass, no confusion. Of course when separation is needed, there are auxilliary recording spaces, including a classic vocal/amp booth, a 25 x 20 foot lounge which can double as a tracking room, and some remarkably heavy-duty wheeled gobos with double-pane windows.